September 2017

We’re now beginning to get the first “hints” that fall is around the corner. The cypress trees are slowly beginning to change colors, and the low temps later this week are forecast to reach the low 60’s. Hurricane Harvey recovery continues in the Texas coast, and Irma is lurking off the Leeward Islands this morning as I submit this post. All eyes are on the tropics!

On the farm, we’re VERY pleased with the deer we’re seeing. We just posted a fresh set of deer cam photos, and as you’ll see there are some really fine bucks still in velvet. We’ve seen numerous deer that will easily push 200″ this year, and our crop of 3 year old deer are simply amazing. We have always managed the herd by not allowing 3 year olds to be harvested, but what we’re seeing this year is beyond our expectations. In addition, the quality of bucks we’ve seen that were born on the property are equally amazing. Our deer are breeding naturally, and we’ve seen some 4+ year olds that were born on the farm that are just as big as we expect to see with our AI breeding program.

Don’t wait to book your hunt. We only have a limited number of hunts remaining!

As of March 31, 2020, Tallaflo Whitetails has been purchased by Sweetwater Plantation. Sweetwater Plantation will continue to offer world class whitetails hunts.
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