Know Tallaflo

To truly know Tallaflo, you first need to know the man behind it all….M.D. Kelly.

Surprising as it is…deer hunting wasn’t a passion of M.D.’s as a child. In fact, as a youngster growing up in the woods of Holmes County, most of his time wasn’t spent hunting. As the youngest of 12 siblings, almost every waking hour M.D. spent was working on the family farm following the great depression. Like most families of that generation, times were hard, but it instilled a hard work ethic in M.D. In fact, it was his upbringing that led him to open a small sheet metal business in 1968, now known as Kelly Sheet Metal. Many long hours were spent at the plant…but the small company grew and became a fixture in the Tallahassee building industry.  Business was good…and was growing as fast as the 3 daughters he and his wife were blessed with. As Kelly recalls, it wasn’t until the late 1970’s when he first went on a deer hunt with friends…and it simply wasn’t that remarkable. A lot of time was spent in the stand…with not a lot of activity. At the end of his hunt, he walked back to his truck lamenting, “Well, deer hunting isn’t too exciting at all”.

A man of resolve and principal…Kelly ended up in a deer stand several more times and began to enjoy the peace and solace of sitting silently in the woods…listening and seeing all that Mother Nature has to offer. It was during these hunts…Kelly’s penchant for manufacturing and building things began to intertwine with this new hobby of deer hunting. After several trips to Texas and Colorado to hunt northern whitetails….Kelly was hooked. But, he wanted to bring his new passion from Texas and Colorado back home to Gadsden County and that’s exactly what he did.

He added acreage to the family farm. He spent countless hours reading and studying how to create ideal habitat, food plots and browse for the native deer population in hopes of growing trophy class animals for his growing family’s enjoyment. Despite countless hours during the blazing summer months….Kelly found his efforts laid to waste by neighboring hunters, who refused to improve the herd and simply harvested any deer that walked before them.

Knowing there was a better way, Kelly again plowed into researching a better method of growing a sustainable, trophy-class deer herd on what is now known as Tallaflo. And his efforts are nothing short of amazing.


The Farm

Tallaflo is located in western Gadsden County, Florida and totals over 500 acres in size. For Florida, Tallaflo has significant rises and falls in topography…natural watersheds and hardwoods. The property has been groomed for one purpose…to create an ideal habitat for the large northern white-tailed deer, which now populate the property.

In the 1990’s Kelly invested additional capital in genetically superior does and breeder bucks which became the foundation of Tallaflo’s current deer herd. A scientifically supervised Artificial Insemination program yielded antler growth beyond Kelly’s imagination. Twenty years ago a 150” deer was considered gigantic, today deer of this class, with wide, heavy antlers and mass, heavily populates the herd.

Even though the property is high-fenced, which offers protection to fawns from natural predation…the result is a very “natural” hunting experience. Deer react as their native kin…with movements dictated by changes in weather patterns and moon phases.  They freely forage throughout the property…browsing on natural vegetation and acorns in addition to carefully planted perennial peanut fields, oats and other grains.

The resulting care and planting is now allowing for bucks to reach unimaginable sizes…. with numerous bucks reaching 200”, 225”, 240” and larger. Plus, these deer are now naturally occurring on the property…with free-range bucks and does producing deer of this caliber each breeding season.  If you’re looking for the most natural high-fence deer hunting experience around, look no further. You’ve found Tallaflo!


The Lodge

Built in 2016, our lodge can accommodate 4-5 hunters. Thoughtfully decorated and appointed with your hunting experience in mind…you’ll find comfortable beds, private bathrooms and showers, a full kitchen and TV so you can enjoy the game after your hunt.

We can even make arrangements to have the lodge stocked with your favorite cold drinks, sandwich meats and condiments and snacks. Tallaflo’s camp chef…will be on hand to prepare a hearty meal for you and your fellow hunters following your afternoon hunt. Plus, there are several restaurants nearby on Lake Talquin, or in Quincy offering a variety of dining experiences.

There’s even a fire-pit outside on the porch so you can relive the day’s experience with your fellow hunters around a fire following a hearty dinner!

And best of all, you’re only 5 minutes from your stand!

As of March 31, 2020, Tallaflo Whitetails has been purchased by Sweetwater Plantation. Sweetwater Plantation will continue to offer world class whitetails hunts.
For more information on Sweetwater Plantation please contact Jim Deason at (850) 643-6743 or visit our website: