August 2017

Record Rack is doing it’s job! It’s early August and the bucks at Tallaflo have been steadily growing size and mass. We just posted some photos from our game cams, and you’ll see the results of our nutrition program at Tallaflo. For many years, we have worked with Record Rack protein feed to not only build large racks on our bucks, but to also stimulate milk production for the does nursing fawns. The results speak for itself!

We’ve been getting daily rains…so the natural forage for the deer is doing quite well. Walking the farm this past week, we are seeing a health crop of acorns beginning to mature, and our bucks should begin to rub off their velvet next month. The temperatures haven’t been too bad this summer with all of the rain, so the deer herd is not being stressed with extreme heating during the day.

Take a moment to take a look at the game cam pictures from this past week. You will see some beautiful animals…all of which will create some exciting hunts this winter! Don’t wait! We’re getting a lot of emails and calls about hunts for the upcoming season and want to make sure you have the opportunity to book a hunt that fits your schedule! We will post more pictures at the end of month!

As of March 31, 2020, Tallaflo Whitetails has been purchased by Sweetwater Plantation. Sweetwater Plantation will continue to offer world class whitetails hunts.
For more information on Sweetwater Plantation please contact Jim Deason at (850) 643-6743 or visit our website: